The following article is a playful opinion piece inspired by the current debate about artificial intelligence and ChatGPT. We are not aiming to make any deep scientific or intellectual assessments. Instead, as an IT company, we see it as our responsibility to take a hands-on approach when it comes to artificial intelligence. Not least due to the fact that the technology is set to change the way we think (no pun intended) about human intelligence. As with all complex issues – a pinch of humour never goes amiss.

In the teaser for its 4 March 2023 cover story, the German magazine DER SPIEGEL declared that the AI solution ChatGPT: “[…]writes poems, creates paintings, has an answer to almost any question.” We thought – what better way to put this claim to the test than to ask the AI to write a poem about Lobster. Based on three different commands. Each with a more or less detailed brief. In other words: conduct a little self-experiment.


Keats and Kipling can rest easy, and – for now – other creative writers needn’t lose sleep over ChatGPT’s clumsy attempts at poetry. The program errs on the side of superficial statements that could relate to any IT provider to create its poems. It’s also interesting to note that ChatGPT still has a lot to learn when it comes to writing freeform poetry due to a clear preference for rhyming couplets. Not to mention a number of questionable phrasings such as “plain to be” rather than “plain to see” and lazy couplets such as ‘rhyming’ “supreme” with “supreme”. A starting point for subsequent editing it may be – but a replacement for seasoned pros? Unlikely.

On that note – here are the results of our experiment:

1) Write a poem about Lobster, the IT company!

Lobster, oh Lobster, what a name so fine,
An IT company that is truly divine,
Innovative solutions, they’re always ahead,
Their expertise in tech can’t be understated.

From software to hardware, they know it all,
Their team is top-notch, they never fall,
With Lobster on board, your tech worries vanish,
Efficient and effective, they always manage.

Lobster’s vision is to make life easier,
Their tools and systems are real crowd pleasers,
They work with passion, it’s easy to see,
Their commitment to excellence, it’s plain to be.

Lobster, oh Lobster, you’re truly great,
A company that’s always up-to-date,
In the tech world, you truly shine,
Lobster, oh Lobster, you’re simply divine.

2) Write a poem about digitalisation with the software company Lobster!

Digitalisation, oh what a buzz,
In a world that’s constantly on the cusp,
Lobster, a software company so grand,
Makes digitalisation easy to understand.

With a team of experts and tech-savvy minds,
They provide solutions that are one of a kind,
Digitalisation made simple and sweet,
A process that’s quick and efficient to meet.

Their software, so sleek and efficient,
Makes digitalisation seem like child’s play,
From the first step to the last,
Lobster’s solutions are top-class.

With Lobster, your digitalisation worries vanish,
Their expertise in tech is easy to manage,
They’ll guide you through every step of the way,
And make sure your digitalisation is here to stay.

So if digitalisation is on your mind,
And you’re looking for solutions that are hard to find,
Turn to Lobster, a company that’s true,
And watch your digitalisation dreams come true.

3) Write a freeform poem about digital transformation with the software provider Lobster!

In this world where technology reigns supreme,
Lobster stands tall as a software provider supreme,
Their tools help us transform, evolve and grow,
To face the future with a steady, confident flow.

From clunky paper files to the cloud’s vast expanse,
Lobster simplifies our lives, taking a daunting chance,
With automation and data at our fingertips,
Lobster’s innovation never skips.

A modern masterpiece, a work of art,
Lobster’s software is always at the forefront,
Leading the charge, revolutionizing our ways,
A shining example of digital transformation’s blaze.

In a world of constant change, Lobster stays true,
Their vision ideal, their mission bold and new,
Guiding us through the uncertain digital sphere,
With Lobster by our side, we have nothing to fear.

So let us embrace this transformation with zeal,
And let Lobster’s software pave the way we feel,
To a future of possibilities untold,
Where Lobster‘s software reigns supreme and bold.

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