The digital revolution is in full swing. The government is subsidising digitalisation projects on an unprecedented scale and a large number of statistics and surveys has revealed that SMEs are no strangers to the transition, either. What’s more, the corona-virus pandemic is acting as a catalyst which is only further accelerating the already rapid progress of this digital movement. Dismissing digitalisation as a mere trend would play things down.

Digitalisation of core business – front and centre

As it stands, the most frequently implemented digitalisation projects tend to revolve around the automation of business processes. “Companies are on the winning side, if they digitalise their core business, creating a coherent, digital ecosystem through networking and automation,” says Dr. Martin Fischer, Managing Director of Lobster GmbH. And it is precisely this digitalisation and automation of business processes that is Lobster_pro’s calling card. But what makes its approach so unique is that the software doesn’t treat data and processes like separate entities but instead integrates them. Lobster lives and breathes integration and has channelled this considerable know-how to create a simple, comprehensive and scalable solution.

“Companies are on the winning side, if they digitalise their core business, creating a coherent, digital ecosystem through networking and automation,” (Dr. Martin Fischer, Managing Director of Lobster GmbH)

Lobster_scm has recently been rebranded as Lobster_pro. “We decided to change the name to reflect the greater capabilities of the software solution”, explains Holger Klöß, one of Lobster PRO GmbH’s MDs. Makes sense! Because Lobster_pro focuses on much more than supply chain management only. It can also be used to digitalise and automate other business processes, making the tool an effective companion for all areas of modern business. Incidentally, ‘_pro’ stands for process, which comes from ‘procedere’ – Latin for ‘advance’, ‘get ahead’, ‘succeed’. No name could be better.

All based on Lobster_data

Speaking of better. If you ask Holger Klöß, digitalisation projects, such as automating business processes, should be based on high-quality data if you want them to succeed. Integrating data from different systems (whether they’re internal or external) not only increases acceptance of digitalisation projects, but also accelerates their implementation. The expectation is for this data to be available in real time: a middleware that acts as a data hub, such as Lobster_data, makes this possible. It automatically and immediately converts data into the desired format – providing the ideal foundation for any digitalisation project.

So much the better for solutions which fully integrate Lobster_data. Such as Lobster_pro. This is how process automation works. This is how digitalisation works. At the end of the day, Lobster_pro is a flexibly configurable IT tool, which allows to take a precise, tailored approach to improving operational processes. “It’s a software that can be introduced without risk,” promises Dr. Matthias Fellenberg, another of Lobster PRO GmbH’s MDs. In other words: step by step and process by process. You stay in control. “Implementing Lobster_pro is as flexible as the product itself,” add Klöß and Fellenberg as one. Thanks to its modular system, companies can map their process logic one-to-one. Independent of the developer. Configure don’t program! No-code is the key word here. Lobster_pro combines all manner of processes with all functionalities within one, single application. So what are you waiting for? Why not start by automating one first business process?

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