Keeping up with the sartorial demands of savvy shoppers in 62 countries means having sales channels as forward thinking as your fashions.

International ladies clothing brand, Gerry Weber, knows a Spanish department store may use very different data exchange systems to its counterpart in Hong Kong. To stay abreast of continuing growth, the firm realised it needed reliable, integrated software that could connect up new customers and suppliers across the globe and convert information into a format its German head office could process.
Gerry Weber’s old system was reaching the limits of its capabilities, particularly in areas such as Asia and Russia where linking with data structures that do not use standard EDI formats can be tricky. It turned to Lobster to find a future proofed alternative that would enhance its operations and multinational ambitions.

More transparency with Lobster

Lobster_data was first installed at Gerry Weber in 2012. The detailed monitoring embedded within our
software provides a transparent overview of data flows and allows errors in transmission to be corrected immediately. The firm is also using Lobster_data to perform electronic billing over the internet. Invoices are extracted from the ERP system and attached as a PDF to an email that is generated automatically.

Realize complex data exchanges in house

Before switching to Lobster_data, Gerry Weber was processing new protocols through a third party. The firm now has the capacity to handle more than 4,000 templates in house and support all current methods of data exchange.
Marc Kollinger from Gerry Weber’s internal EDI and ecommerce department, said: “We take the most unfamiliar data formats in our stride. Structured procedures and transparent mapping make the integration of new business partners quick and easy and we can turn around customers’ requirements in a very short space of time.”
As additional sales channels are forged, the accuracy, flexibility and reliability of Lobster_data, continues to give Gerry Weber the tools to deal with whatever data challenges the world throws its way.

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