Delivering Mutual Benefits

Collaboration between its shareholder members underpins Pall-Ex’s haulage model and its partnership with Lobster is proving centralised data management can be of value to everyone.

The brief:

The success of European pallet distribution network, Pall-Ex, hinges on collective efficiency and streamlining the haulage process.

This ethos applies to all areas of the business and after an internet search for EDI solutions, its Chief Technology Officer (CTO) contacted Lobster to discuss ways our software could reduce its development workload and provide business winning advantages.

The process:

A detailed plan was presented to the Pall-Ex board, outlining the benefits of controlling data management inhouse, via Lobster_data.

Following the success of this initial meeting, thorough due diligence was undertaken, as well as a proof of concept. This involved using Pall-Ex’s own data to demonstrate how our software can increase operational efficiency, whilst reducing IT costs.

The result:

Lobster_data was installed at Pall-Ex’s Leicestershire central hub in 2019 and now plays a significant role in its IT strategy.

Training ran concurrently with the software’s implementation, taking only a few days to complete and since then, the system has been operating smoothly under the expert supervision of the firm’s IT team.

Dave Dunhill, Pall-Ex Group CTO, said: “Lobster has provided all the benefits that were outlined to our board when we first met, and we were impressed by how smoothly the installation and training was delivered. On occasion, we have contacted the support team and they have answered any questions we had efficiently”.

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