A timely call from the Lobster team saw logistics expert, Lenham Storage Company, move its data transfer capabilities into the fast lane.

The brief:

Kent-based Lenham specialises in the storage and distribution of ambient groceries and fast-moving consumer goods. Before meeting Lobster, its ERP system was complex and could only process CSV files. Lenham was increasingly being asked to communicate with systems requiring EDIFact, Tradacoms, XML and some more bespoke formats, meaning the integration work had to be outsourced. This was leading to increased costs, long lead times and a lack of control over future amendments. The team felt it had enough experience in EDI to manage the work inhouse, but needed the right tool.

The process:

After a short demonstration, it was clear Lobster_data could simplify Lenham’s integration process and would be much simpler to use than its existing software. Our team worked closely with the client through proof of concept and Lobster_data was installed on a local server, so information could be shared on internal processes and with more than 60 customers. The installation took just one day, with most of the work being conducted remotely. Training was carried out by one of our highly skilled experts, using some of Lenham’s own data and follow-up questions responded to quickly by our support team.

The result:

Lenham now has more than 70 profiles set up – and counting. IT director, Chris Tolhurst, said: “I have yet to find something Lobster_data can’t handle. Instead of telling customers and prospective customers ‘sorry we can’t do that’ or ‘we’ll have to get someone to do it for us, which will cost extra time and money,’ we can just say, ‘yes we have that covered.’ “Whilst the training was a little daunting a first, it didn’t take long for us to get the hang of things. I have used Lobster support on a number of occasions, but the frequency reduces the more familiar you become with its capabilities.”

Key Facts:

• Product purchased: Lobster_data
• Installation time: half a day
• Profiles set up: 70+
“I have yet to find something Lobster_data can’t handle.” Chris Tolhurst, IT director at Lenham Storage Co.

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