Process automation is more important than ever for modern businesses in a world that is becoming increasingly more digitalised. At Lobster PRO, as an innovative software editor, dealing with processes and data separately is outdated. And has been for a long time, since integration is key to our digital transformation philosophy. We believe that streamlined processes work best when combined together with a robust database to create transparency for the customer and allow you to manage all aspects of your process chain.  

Customers expect rapid results, and the software Lobster_pro’s integration power enables clients to seamlessly connect with partner systems and exercise full control over all operational processes. We believe in a holistic approach to automation – linking back-end processes and the flood of associated data, as well as the numerous front-end channels. And of course, this is highly personalised to an individual company‘s needs. As far as we are concerned, it is the only way to successfully build a digital ecosystem. With Lobster_pro, media disruptions are a thing of the past. The software monitors the flow of information and facilitates any trouble-shooting necessary, so that you can concentrate on your core business without having to worry about errors. 

The software has a wide range of uses. Whether it is shipping systems linking customer’s order entries with the logistic provider’s transport structure, or procurement platforms, warehousing and time-slot management systems to handle resources, Lobster_pro’s versatility has it covered. You want a customer service portal for all interactions, no problem. You need a solution for the convenient management of maintenance and repair orders, we’ve got your back. And all of this without the need to get bogged down in code. The most efficient way to execute your digitalisation strategy is to use a no-code platform that visualises results – so you only have to configure, rather than program. It doesn’t get any easier than that. 


Lobster_pro offers browser support for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and MS Edge, without any plug-ins being needed. It is a modular system incorporating time zone support on a service-orientated architecture – which means that all manual inputs/outputs can also be operated via an XML interface. The source XML is displayed, giving the option to export and import all objects in Lobster_pro. A sophisticated master data management ensures the uniformity, accuracy and accountability of all the company’s shared master data assets, while a file manager with an integrated document designer allows the use of JasperReports. All information is via an admin dashboard with context-sensitive help. Support is also offered for a multi-level approach (development, test and production system) with the direct transferring of configurations. Lobster lets you create your own tailor-made solution. Whether you are looking for SaaS or want to take care of operations yourself. You decide. Lobster supports both. 


  • INTEGRATED DATA MANAGEMENT: Thanks to Lobster_data being embedded in the software – the exchange of data is smooth and problem-free. The software provides seamless integration with whatever industry solutions currently in use by your company. 
  • FLEXIBLE AND EASY CONFIGURATION: A customisable solution tailored to your own company‘s needs. Configure rather than program for ease of use. The design can be matched to your corporate branding, or configured to make it client-specific. Each individual user can set up according to their own preferences. 
  • USER-FRIENDLY: The user interface is intuitive without needing the installation of any other components, and complies to all usability standards according to HTML5 technology – popular with users and administrators alike. 
  • GLOBAL APPLICATION: Ideal for companies working in the global sphere. The software has a unit converter, time zone support and multilingual  features all included as standard. 
  • PROCESS-ORIENTATED: Lobster_pro utilises state-of-the-art technologies to focus on your processes, analysing them efficiently in the background and only notifying you in times of deviation. This allows you to do what you do best – managing your business. 
  • COST EFFICIENCY: Lobster_pro combines the versatility of a customisable solution with the convenience of a standard product. Rental version or perpetual license? You choose. What suits you best. 



Based in Osnabrück in North Germany and operating since 1900, Koch International now boasts over 700 employees and operates one of the most modern fleet of vehicles on European roads. Lobster_pro helped the company successfully transform its processes from paper-based to digital, installing a convenient online portal for use by its clients, as well as a partner portal for all parties along the supply chain.   

In the web-based customer portal, various services such as pick-up, delivery or procurement orders can be selected in real time and input directly into Koch International’s system. This permits customers to be able to track online where all goods and merchandise are currently located, giving them unparalleled transparency in the whole supply chain process. 

Koch International also organises transport orders that involve the processing of many partners. Freight forwarders or subcontractors, for example. And this means dealing with a lot of documents and receipts. Here again, the software generates multiple benefits, such as self-service functions for master data or invoice releases, and balancing pallet accounts.  

Transport partners also benefit through greater clarity in the processes, faster payment settlement, storage of status reports, as well as direct involvement from the drivers. By using Lobster_pro, Koch International was able to significantly streamline its overall process volume and lower the number of manual tasks per tour by 60 percent. And that is the kind of reduction that every company needs. 


Lindt’s history goes back 175 years, from being a small, local Swiss chocolate company to becoming the dominant premium chocolate manufacturer in the world. From humble beginnings in a cramped bakery in Zurich, the company now employs nearly 14,000 people, operating at production sites in Switzerland, Europe and the US, with 500 of their own retail shops and a comprehensive network of distributors in more than 120 countries.  

Lindt has been using a configuration of Lobster_pro that has been adapted to their own specific processes, enabling the company to establish consistently transparent supply chains and allowing them to monitor the load list processing – from load list creation and shipment booking to forwarding transactions and the provision of raw data used for reporting and KPIs. Complementary integrations include detailed cost management, the calculation of CO2 emission levels and the connection of global ocean freight carriers. For improved quality along the entire supply chain, the tool also offers optimised time window management, which visualises the progress of work on devices/terminals directly at the loading ramps. 

The last word goes to Frank Glienke, Corporate Logistics Manager at Lindt & Sprüngli International AG. 

“Since introducing Lobster_pro into Lindt’s global transport world in 2013, we have demonstrated that with a functionally good and flexible system, high transparency and process structure can be established to identify and correct vulnerabilities in the value chain. The configuration options for the customer – form layout and graphical storage of workflows – complement the system perfectly and accelerate project implementation. We will continue to optimise processes at Lindt in order to remain cost-efficient, streamlined and agile in the future. Lobster_pro can play an essential role here in Lindt’s local markets.” 

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