Lobster_scm has been given a facelift!

Gone are the days when Lobster_scm was just a solution for supply chain management. Over time, our software has grown to also facilitate the digitalisation and automation of additional business processes – making it an asset across almost all areas of modern business.

Process automation is becoming increasingly integral – even within the Lobster Group itself. Process comes from procedere, the Latin word for advance, get ahead, succeed. This is why we decided to rebrand our company as Lobster PRO. As in process. Now, its name too encapsulates the extended capabilities of the software. From today, we will be on here to help under our new branding and with our product Lobster_pro. Think the name is a good fit? We couldn’t agree more.

Lobster_scm is now Lobster_pro.

Aside from a name change, it’s business as usual. Customers can look forward to receiving the same services they have come to know and love – digitalisation and process integration of the highest standard, together with the best possible support – only now it’s from Lobster PRO GmbH. The same points of contact. Same telephone numbers. Same email addresses. As proactive, as you’ve come to expect from Lobster. Always professional. Never a problem. Lobster_pro? Sorted.

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