Saint-Gobain PAM Deutschland benefits from easy-handling and low-adaptation costs after converting to Lobster_data data integration software

Saint-Gobain PAM Deutschland GmbH relies on data integration software Lobster_data from the Bavarian-based Lobster GmbH for its data integration needs. As the market leader for cast iron pipe systems, the company was seeking a new, user-friendly software. Requirements for the new system included being able to handle order processing in their own SAP system, automation of order confirmations via EDIFACT, as well as automatic invoice dispatch.

Lobster_data in only 2 days

Installation and basic training took just two days. This subsidiary of the French Saint-Gobain Group required special access data and firewall settings from its parent company. “We coordinated very pragmatically in a German-French telephone conference and moved directly to implementation”, recalls Frank Mildner, EDI Project Manager at Lobster. After a comprehensive systems test, the software was released just a day later. In the following period, Saint-Gobain has set up interfaces for its existing customers. Lobster_data also took responsibility for monitoring features, with the software documenting all the coordinated processes involved. If, during the electronic ordering process, a transmission error occurs, for example, because a customer’s server goes down, the system will immediately report the issue and therefore allow for direct intervention without any lost time.

“What fascinates me most about the new system is how easy it is to use”, says Christoph Bastuck, IT Manager at Saint-Gobain PAM Deutschland. “For example, you can simply connect target fields from different software formats by dragging and dropping”.

Thinking outside the black box

“In the past, we faced an impenetrable black box. But with Lobster_data, we’ve finally found our independence in terms of EDI matters”, explains Christoph. “Who would have thought that interface connections could be so easy to manage?”. Lobster_data meets the exact requirements of the cast iron pipe manufacturer and offers excellent service from the point of view of IT managers.

In great company

“We’re pleased to announce that Saint-Gobain PAM Deutschland is the second company within the Saint-Gobain Group to use our software”, says Dr Martin Fischer, CEO of Lobster GmbH. Saint-Gobain Deutsche Glas GmbH has been a Lobster customer for many years, using Lobster_data for exchanging electronic data with its customers, partners and service providers.

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